The Boys from Boston, by Gary Cullen



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The famed 211th Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft Regiment from Boston, Massachusetts arrived into the City of Vallejo a few days after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Its job: to protect Mare Island Naval Shipyard and the City of Vallejo from any further Japanese attacks. They set up their anti-aircraft guns on every hill, and then waited for what fortunately never came. In the meantime, their good looks, army green uniforms, east coast charm, and Bostonian accents, captured the hearts of the Vallejo community. The Boys From Boston is a compilation of stories that tell of that time, when 1800 soldiers came to the Vallejo community, and how they were welcomed with open arms at the onset of the war. The Boys would return to the town with the beautiful women, to marry, to raise families, and to start new civilian careers. This is their story.

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